The Cocktail Masterclass – a luxury apres-ski experience in your chalet!


What is The Cocktail Masterclass?

The Cocktail Masterclass brings a completely unique, special experience to your ski holiday, all in the comfort of your chalet or apartment.

Offering something completely different to your usual visit to the local bars, The Cocktail Masterclass comes to your accommodation with everything you need for a luxury cocktail class. They bring the alcohol, mixers, glassware, ice and a professional cocktail station for each person, just like you see at the bar.

If you’ve ever wondered what all those fancy bit of equipment do..this is where to find out! You’ll be guided through your cocktail class by a highly trained mixologist who over the years has gained huge knowledge, experience and insight in the cocktail industry. Your mixologist will teach you about the history of cocktails, how to use the equipment, and how to make sure you can replicate professional cocktails at home to impress your friends once you’re back off holiday!

How does The Cocktail Masterclass work?

Before your class starts, you and your group will have chosen 3 cocktails from ‘The Cocktail Masterclass’s bespoke menu. They then come to your chalet on your chosen time and date (apres ski 5pm or after diner 9pm are the most popular time slots). When the class begins you’ll receive a delicious welcome prosecco cocktail to start the class.

The most popular flavours include an apple and elderflower prosecco cocktail, or a sweet and tangy raspberry flavour. You’ll then be guided into making the first of your 3 cocktails. Top favourites from the menu include a smooth and rich Salted Caramel Espresso Martini, a sweet and spicy Pineapple Daiquiri or a fiery Rhubarb and Ginger Mule. You have the opportunity to enjoy your own fabulous creation, and chat, relax or dance with the rest of your group whilst the mixologst gets your table ready for the next cocktail!

Free mocktail class for kids!

During the half-term weeks you can take advantage of free kids mocktail classes alongside any adult classes ! Depending on the age of the children, this can either be a 1 hour kids mocktail class prior to the adults, or for older/teenage children they can take part in the adults class with adapted mocktail versions of the adult’s cocktails

How do I book a Cocktail Masterclass?

The adult class is 59€ per person. To book contact enquiries@valdiserelocation.com

To see reviews, photos and videos check out Instagram and Facebook – @cocktailmasterclassfr