We live here year around – it’s our home.  From your initial booking we try to provide as much useful information as possible. If for any reason we have missed anything we have provided a number of the main FAQ’s below for your easy of reference.  Should the answer to your question not be below please don’t hesitate to contact the Concierge team.

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Which Airport shall i fly to

Geneva: Flights from the UK come into Geneva, Switzerland very regularly with various airlines such as BA and Easyjet offering a good price. Geneva is the furthest of the 4, being approximately 3.5 hours drive away from resort. There are many regular connections from Geneva (coaches/buses), more so than the other 2 airports and Geneva rarely closes for bad weather. If you are hiring a car, the journey from Geneva is longer and slightly more complicated than the other 2 airports.

Chambery: Chambery, France is the closest airport to Val d’Isère, being only 2.5 hours away. However flights are not as regular as Geneva and the airport is more likely to close due to bad weather.

Grenoble: Grenobal, France is a small airport so very easy when you arrive. However flights are not as regular. It is between 2.5/3 hours to Val d’Isere, but again like Chambery there can be delays if the weather is bad.

Lyon: Lyon airport in France is about 3 hours away from val disere and flights are more regular than Chambery. If you are hiring a car the journey is easier than from Geneva but there are fewer connections to the resort if you are planning on getting a coach/bus.

What time can we arrive and what time must we vacate?

Check-in is at 17:00 on your arrival day and check-out is at 10:00 on your final day. However, we do understand that flights and other factors impact on arrival and departure times and we try to be as flexible as possible for all. If you are arriving earlier, or leaving later we have limited ability to look after your luggage. Just let us know in advance. It is possible that incoming and outgoing guests may overlap for part of the day, in order for us to offer the most flexible service to all our guests.

Can I self drive & is there parking

Yes, many of our guests drive from across Europe and the UK. If you are thinking of driving, please check the property information page carefully as not all our properties have parking or they have very limited parking. please drive with care, as weather and road conditions can be poor at times. If you are unsure feel free to contact the concierge team in resort.

Can I cancel my holiday

Whilst we hope that you will not need to, we do appreciate that you may have to cancel your holiday. Val d’Isere Location Terms and Conditions will apply, so please ensure that you have read them closely. These are also provided to you when you book.

What happens if i have an accident on the Mountain

We highly recommend that you have your own health insurance to cover you for snowsports, or purchase a lift ticket with Carte Neige (insurance included). This will then ensure that you are covered should an accident occur.

Depending on how badly you are hurt, you will either be taken off the mountain by the Pisteurs or you can visit one of the local medical centers. The doctors here are all excellent and well versed in the typical skiing accidents that can occur. Payment is then organised via your insurance policy – so read the small print!

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