Tele-Virgin to GB Training. If you think Telemarking is for you Tele Tracks have it all.

Fancy a fresh challenge and a chance to improve not only your Telemarking but also your skiing technique? Look no further.  Telemarking or free heel- skiing, is a form of downhill skiing using bindings where your boot is only attached to the toe.  It may be tough on the legs when you first start but amazing fun. Due to the vast altitude skiing in Val d’Isere you’ll also be guaranteed good snow all season.

Tele Tracks offer both private and group/clinic lessons with a maximum of 6 people to ensure that they are ‘focused and individualised.’ A range of coaching clinics throughout the season are on offer with plenty of off-piste thrown in:
3-day Development Clinic – Val d’Isere Dec 2nd-4th.
Tele-Adventure Course – Val d’Isere Dec 16th-20th.
Tele-Development Course – Val d’Isere Jan 19th-24th.
Tele- Virgins Course – Val d’Isere Feb 3rd-7th.

Ben and Nicko’s passion and enthusiasm for the sport never fails to be contagious, and being among the best telemark instructors in the Alps puts Tele Tracks at the top of our list for Telemarking this season.