Looking to Develop your Skiing Technique?

TDC development center offers a wide range of lessons or coaching to suit your needs…

Their approach to coaching is so popular that people come back year after year to continue their development and reach performance levels they once only dreamt of. With 11 permanent and fully qualified coaches in Val d’Isere, including a number of national instructor trainers, TDC are well known as the place for accomplished skiers to hone their skills and also for instructors to train and prepare for their exams.

They specialise in clinics containing no more than 6 skiers. The coaching is very personalised and places a lot of importance on understanding. By educating people as to why they need to make certain movements or use particular techniques the progress and learning can continue during the holiday without the need for constant attention from an instructor.

With small classes tailored to the individual, great instructors and some of the best on and off piste skiing to explore here in Val d’Isere, TDC ticks all the boxes. If you would like us to organise lessons for you, just let us know at the time of booking your holiday.