La Peau de Vache – a favourite spot for mountain dining

What: La Peau de Vache mountain restaurant

Why: Great food in a stylish environment with friendly service

Where: Half way down the La Face black run, it’s reached by the Bellevarde Express chair.

When: Open daily for lunch, snacks and drinks from 09:00 to 17:00, with late opening on a Tuesday until 23:00.

A contender among Val d’Isère’s old hands to the crown of best food and service on the mountain, La Peau de Vache is the kind of smart but welcoming mountain eaterie that you typically find in the Trois Vallées but not so often in Val d’Isère.

Situated in the Bellevard sector, this restaurant is at the heart of the Val d’Isere ski area and offers fantastic views of the valley. It’s beautifully located half way down the Face run, but weaker skiers can take a chair lift.  It’s noticeable for its 2CV out the front. Super cosy inside, it’s nearly 100% candle-lit with (surprisingly) cow skins everywhere. Staff are lovely and friendly, there’s a great wine selection and food is unpretentious but excellent, majoring on beef (steaks and burgers) but with a good range of veggie options too. Cafe Gourmand is to die for!

It’s very in-demand and can get busy, so it’s a good idea to book, especially in the peak weeks. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Run review: Isolee – blue run, a fairly steep blue joining the flat Tignes piste Genepy towards Val Claret