Explore the Village Perdu!


Le Village Perdu is a new addition to Val d’Isere this winter, at an altitude of 2,000 metres, in the heart of Les Etroits larch forest.

It’s a magical setting with an outdoor play and relaxation area, and is totally free of charge. Visitors of all ages can on embark on an adventure – climb through the trees, walk over hanging footbridges leading between cabins to the eagle’s nest, then recharge your batteries in the relaxation areas.

“Le Village Perdu” was designed sustainably, in conjunction with the National Forestry Office and the ski area management company, without having to clear the ground or level the land. It was built solely from Alpine larch, which ensures its durability.

You can ski right up to “Le Village Perdu” (access via Orange, Diebold and Critérium slopes), before heading off on foot to explore the walkways through the trees. A great little adventure in a beautiful and peaceful environment!